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pool and bottom drain clogged - Asian hottie meets stud at pool and fucks

Jul 30,  · Pool Troubleshooting: Bottom Drain Clogged Written by Danielle Smyth; Updated July 30, Use a pool leaf rake to prevent debris from making its way into the drain. Your swimming pool's main drain requires regular maintenance. Although the rest of the pool's parts, such as the filter, may seem to be working just fine, the drain is always at risk of getting clogged. Because it is located at the bottom of the center of the pool, it can easily become clogged by debris that sinks to the bottom of the pool.

Cleaning the swimming pool main drain is important so that it doesn’t become clogged and so that it can continue to perform its job properly. There is also a pressurized clog remover that you can use on the main drain in your swimming pool to unclog any debris from the main drain with a highly pressurized blast of air. By Doityourself Staff Pool drains get clogged from time to time, even if you properly care for and maintain your pool. It's part of pool ownership, and you have to maintain the drains to avoid bigger problems down the road. When they do get clogged, you have to unclog them.

Next, try using household water pressure to push out the debris if the pool drain is still clogged. You can sometimes push out the blockage by using a small towel to create a seal between a garden hose and the drain opening under the deckside strainer basket. Turn off the pool pump circuit breaker whenever attempting to clean the drain. Jun 27,  · So not only do I still have trash clogged up in the holes, I think she may have lodged something in the pipe. (not her fault, I sent her down there). But, does anybody have any suggestions on how to unclog the main drain? And I should add, diving to the bottom also hurts my ears.