Me getting ready for my husbands friend - my husbands bottom


my husbands bottom - Me getting ready for my husbands friend

I get fucked by my husband. I usually am on top, but today i was craving his cum in my ass. He fucks me and i make sure to get every drop inside of me. I feel his big uncut cock in the back of my ass and the pressure is worth the prize. I crave the cum inside of me. An Epic Spanking for my Husband She said she wants to enjoy my bare bottom for the view and nookie. My mother told my MIL it was now her turn to spank me. My MIL has taken to this like a duck to water. No she's not my biological Mum but she is my Mum by marriage. My bare bottom one week later looks like it was caned 10 mins ago It takes a Author: Juliesp.

GEORGIA CANE: SPANKING YOUR HUSBAND'S BARE BOTTOM Within a few months it was clear she was the boss! I soon felt her hand slap my bottom when I turned up late for a date! The hand smack occured several times then one day we arranged to meet for a run in the park and I was late again! She gave me a good telling off and she then gave gave me Author: Georgia Cane. My mom has been here all week and I got spanked both yesterday and today. But all week she hasn't spanked my husband at all until early this evening. Unfortunately she decided to spank him in private. I hate it when they do that. I get a lot of pleasure out of watching him pull down his pants and underpants and go over one of their knees.

Wife Spanked By Husband As I alluded to, since I got my spanking from John I figured it was only fair that my husband get to spank my bottom as well. David has always had an interest in spanking me, from the very first. In fact, before he asked me if I would spank him, he first asked if he could spank me, and I refused. Author: Juliesp. Aug 03,  · Simplest Way The simplest and safest way for corporal punishment is a slap on the buttocks with an open hand (without rings on the finger). There is nothing more personal than the use of the hand: it allows skin-to-skin contact, which is a great w.