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The Breastfeeding Mothers Bill, PART 11–PROVISIONS RELATED TO BREASTFEEDING MOTHERS A woman who has a baby may breastfeed or Breastfeeding at express breast milk at a lactation place in the work place. work. (1) Every employer shall establish a lactation place Lactation place. in the manner prescribed under this Act. If you attend prenatal childbirth education classes (those provided by the maternal health care facility and by all hospital clinics and diagnostic and treatment centers providing prenatal services in accordance with Article 28 of the Public Health Law), then you must receive the Breastfeeding Mothers' Bill of Rights.

This bill would require specified health care service plans and health insurers to include coverage for lactation consultation and the provision or rental of specified types of breast pumps, as defined, as part of their health care service plan contracts or health insurance policies that provide maternity coverage. Feb 20,  · This bill would express the intent of the Legislature to enact legislation that would provide that infant feeding of breast milk should be encouraged and that would require health care service plans to provide reimbursement for the widest variety of choices and styles of breast milk pumps to facilitate their use and acceptance.

N.Y. Public Health Law § provides that the Maternal and Child Health commissioner has the power to adopt regulations and guidelines including, but not limited to donor standards, methods of collection, and standards for storage and distribution of human breast milk. N.Y. Public Health Law § a creates the Breastfeeding Mothers Bill. New Benefits for Breastfeeding Moms: Facts and Tools to Understand Your Coverage under the Health Care Law NWLC NEW BENEFITS FOR BREASTFEEDING MOMS 1 The health care law requires new health plans to cover certain preventive services without any cost-sharing. Breastfeeding equipment and supplies most commonly refers to a breast pump.