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exercise for smaller breast - Exhausting Trib Exercise

Apr 08,  · Stair climbing is a simple aerobic exercise that you can do daily. Cycling is another great form of aerobic exercise. Brisk walking also helps burn fat all over your body. Make sure to do aerobic exercises for 30 minutes, at least 4 or 5 times a week. 3. Massage. Massage is an age-old remedy to reduce overall body fat as well as breast size. Jul 29,  · How to Make Your Breasts Smaller. Feeling insecure or uncomfortable about having large breasts is a common issue for many large-chested people. For some people, their breast size feels so uncomfortable that the breasts are an unwelcome inconvenience. Depending on how much effort or change you're willing to endure, 73%(18).

May 20,  · Modern beauty standards often emphasize breast size — but as many well-endowed women can tell you, having breasts that are overlarge in proportion to your frame can range from inconvenient to downright painful. You can use exercise to reduce breast size, but . Hi Mariah – One of the best ways to make your breasts smaller is to lose body fat by following an exercise program and a clean diet. Breast tissue is basically fat tissue so if you can lose weight then you will naturally lose fat from all over your body including your breasts.