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edema and breast cancer - Belly cum and breast massage

Jun 22,  · Lymphedema is a potential side effect of breast cancer surgery and radiation therapy that can appear in some people during the months or even years after treatment ends. Some of the symptoms include achiness and feelings of fullness or heaviness in the hand, arm, chest, breast, or underarm areas. Learn more about lymphedema. Apr 26,  · Swelling, also called edema, happens when fluid builds up in body tissues. Swelling is a common side effect of many breast cancer treatments: surgery.

Lymphedema is one of the most common side effects of breast cancer treatments. WebMD explains symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments for this disease. However, patients who suffer from a specific type of the disease, known as inflammatory breast cancer, may experience breast swelling. Symptoms of inflammatory breast cancer, an aggressive form of the condition, include breast swelling or edema, and redness or erythema, which is noticeable in a third or more of the breast.

Edema caused by cancer or by kidney, heart, or liver problems may be more difficult to treat. In these situations, edema may be permanent. The following suggestions may help reduce swelling and relieve symptoms: Ask your doctor about prescription diuretics. These medicines help get rid of extra fluid from the body by increasing urination. The most common type of lymphedema, caused by breast cancer or its treatment, develops in the upper body and extremities. Lower-extremity lymphedema is more often associated with other cancers, including lymphoma, melanoma, prostate cancer and uterine cancer. Facial lymphedema is more often associated with head and neck cancers.