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Jan 24,  · Tell your doctor if you notice these symptoms in your newborn. This drug passes into breast milk and the effect on a nursing infant is not known. Consult your doctor before breastfeeding. Duramorph may cause withdrawal symptoms (such as restlessness, watery eyes, widened pupils, sweating, runny nose) if you suddenly stop using it. Dec 16,  · Monitor infants exposed to DURAMORPH through breast milk for excess sedation and respiratory depression. Withdrawal symptoms can occur in breastfed infants when maternal administration of morphine is stopped, or when breastfeeding is stopped. Females and Males of Reproductive Potential.

Nursing mothers should know that Duramorph does pass into breast milk. You should mention that you are nursing to your doctor before you receive it so another pain reliever can be prescribed. Tell your doctor about all medications you're taking, as some may interact with Duramorph. Dec 08,  · DURAMORPH (morphine sulfate injection) is an opioid agonist, available as a sterile, nonpyrogenic isobaric solution of morphine sulfate in strengths of mg or 1 mg morphine sulfate per mL, free of antioxidants, preservatives or other potentially neurotoxic additives, and is intended for intravenous, epidural, or intrathecal administration.

Nov 18,  · It may, however, take a bit longer for mothers and babies to begin breastfeeding after cesarean surgery, and mothers’ milk tends to come in a bit later following a surgical birth. This may be a direct result of the surgery, or it may be because mothers who have cesareans have fewer opportunities for early and frequent breastfeeding. Aug 12,  · Milk was sampled from each mother 10 times over the 8 hours after her dose. The peak milk level after epidural morphine was 82 mcg/L and occurred 30 minutes after a second dose. The peak milk level after parenteral morphine was about mcg/L and occurred about 45 minutes after a single 15 mg (10 mg intravenous plus 5 mg intramuscular) dose/