Quay len (ST) - dong quai and breast cancer


dong quai and breast cancer - Quay len (ST)

Feb 14,  · Dong quai has estrogen-like effects and it was shown to increase growth of breast cancer cells in lab experiments. It may also contain compounds that can cause cancer if taken in high doses. Taking dong quai for a short time is considered safe. But the effects of taking it for a long time or at high doses have not been studied. What does the research show? Not enough research has been done to determine the safety or effectiveness of dong quai for relieving menopausal symptoms. No studies have included breast cancer patients.

Jan 20,  · Dong quai also exhibits estrogenic activity and stimulates proliferation of MCF-7 cells, a human breast cancer cell bihada-josei.info by: 2. " A TCM practitioner gave a presentation on how Dong Quai had been used on breast cancer. He had all the statistics and had published on it in the last ten years. I'm sure that's one of ther herbs used in My neighbor uses Dong Quai capsules from the health food store for PMS. Red Clover - one of the milder phytoestrogens, which my GYN.

The present study provides data regarding the estrogen-like activity of dong quai, which might assist in decision making on herbal therapy use by women at risk for both estrogen-sensitive and insensitive breast bihada-josei.info by: The estrogen-like properties in black cohosh and dong quai may affect certain hormone-related conditions such as ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and endometriosis. Researchers are conducting clinical trials to see if black cohosh stimulates or inhibits the growth of breast cancer .