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Jan 27,  · Many persons experiencing sweaty butt would tell you that a large amount of perspiration comes from their back and armpit. So it is advisable to use sweat block antiperspirant on your back and armpit to stop the sweating. Sweat block is a five-star product that works for up to 7 days highly recommended by doctors. Jul 03,  · Working out can help, too, since being overweight can increase the amount we sweat around our butts and balls, according to Zeichner. Use Antiperspirant to Prevent Swamp AssAuthor: Garrett Munce.

How to Reduce Sweat at Your Buttocks Step 1. Don't wear clothes or undergarments that are too tight. Step 2. Wear natural fibers, such as cotton, linen and silk. Step 3. Dry off well after your bath or shower, and then sprinkle some cornstarch-based body powder Step 4. See your doctor for. As mentioned in previous pages of this website there is an improvement with compensatory sweating of the buttocks area when lumbar sympathectomy is done specifically for foot sweating. This could be accomplished when the level of the lumbar sympathectomy is kept as close to the L2 level as possible.

Nov 26,  · In other cases, butt sweat can lead to a skin infection or rash requiring treatment. Underlying conditions. Certain medical conditions can also Author: Adrienne Santos-Longhurst. Feb 19,  · If you sweat and moisture gathers around your anus, put a cotton tissue in your underwear to absorb the moisture. Consider the 'itch-scratch cycle': Scratching can make the itch worse - which makes you want to scratch more, Dr Laurence Knott.