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conical bottom chemical tank - Mexican with big boobs in tank top

You are here: Home > Chemical Storage Tanks & Containment Basins > Food grade cone bottom tanks are available from locations throughout the United States. Cone bottom tanks range from gallons on up to 11, gallons. Shop cone bottom tanks today. show more. Conical bottom tanks (ICB) are available in seamless molded one piece units from either virgin high density crosslink or FDA-compliant linear polyethylene. A funnel shaped conical bottom with 30° or 45° slope is molded-in as are gallon markers and access openings.

We offer a large inventory of cone bottom chemical tanks. They are available in either an open or closed top configuration with optional tank stands available as well. 23 rows · Home» Tank Designs & Specifications» Our Tank Offerings Cone-Bottom Tanks Cone .

A conical bottom storage tank is an effective way to store chemicals where they can be drained quickly and with no chemicals left behind. 39 rows · The conical bottoms enable quick and complete drainage. As with all Norwesco tanks, the .