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Jan 25,  · Adenocarcinoma symptoms include symptoms of the most common cancers such as breast, lung, colorectal, prostate, and pancreatic. Adenocarcinoma is a type of cancer that begins in cells that produce Author: Nancy Moyer, MD. Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the third most common cancer in adults over age 70 and the second leading cause of cancer death in older adults. 17 The prevalence of adenomatous polyps increases with age from 20–25% at age 50 to nearly 50% by ages 75–80, 18, 19 with 1–10% of these polyps progressing to cancer in 5–10 years. 20, 21 A majority of cases of CRC at older ages occur in the proximal colon or .

Feb 21,  · People who have had colorectal cancer can still get the same types of cancers that other people get. In fact, they might be at higher risk for certain types of cancer. People who have had colon cancer can get any type of second cancer, but they have an increased risk of certain cancers, including: A second colon cancer (This is different from the first cancer coming back.) Rectal cancer. Apr 03,  · Metastatic colorectal cancer is cancer that began in the colorectal area but has spread to other parts of your body. Treatment will depend on where the cancer has spread and the stage of that Adrienne Santos-Longhurst.

Jul 09,  · Colorectal cancer almost always develops from precancerous polyps (abnormal growths) in the colon or rectum. Screening tests can find precancerous polyps, so they can be removed before they turn into cancer. Screening tests also can find colorectal cancer early, when treatment works best. Learn more about screening for colorectal cancer. Lung Cancer. Mar 12,  · I have read some articles stating a relationship between colon and breast cancer. I wanted to know more about this because I had breast cancer 5 years ago and was recently diagnosed with stage 4 colon with mets. I was told the colon cancer may have been there for close [ ].