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celebs with boob jobs - Hottest Celebs with Long Hair Fucking

From blossoming bosoms and surprise bust-boosting, this lot of celebs have all been subject to silicone whispers. Some of these stars have 'fessed up to surgical enhancement, while others have kept quiet about rumoured breast augmentation ops. Whether true or false we've rounded up the transforming busts and boobs of many a celeb. Aug 22,  · Boob jobs are a risky procedure that is not for everyone, famous or not famous. But they definitely paid off for these 19 starlets!

Christina Aguilera was a CHILD in that first pic, so her boobs came in after. Nicole Richie weighed 5 lbs in the first pic, she has had 2 kids since and gained a ton of weight. Same with Tori Spelling. Fake boobs are awful looking. And from what I've been told, fake feeling. I feel bad that women can't be satisfied with their bodies. And the majority of the time, we observe them in celebs, which is why we have actually produced our END ALL all the lists out there– our list of 9 Bad Breast Implants Failed! Feast your eyes on a few of the worst, dreadful, and plain unimaginably bad boob jobs which some celebs have actually gone under the knife for.

Fashion tape, Photoshop and makeup artists who double as magicians make it hard to tell who in Hollywood has opted for breast augmentation and who . “Everybody Loves Raymond” star Patricia Heaton admitted to having a boob job and a tummy tuck. Headon has said that she feels good about having the procedures and she feels good about talking about them. Other celebrities who have been open about having boob jobs include Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra and Tori Spelling.