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Shin MH, Holmes MD, Hankinson SE, et al. Intake of dairy products, calcium, and vitamin D and risk of breast cancer. Journal of the National Cancer Institute ; 94(17)– [PubMed Abstract] Lin J, Manson JE, Lee IM, et al. Intakes of calcium and vitamin D and breast cancer risk in women. If you are told you have breast calcifications and need further tests, it is natural to feel worried. But it is important to remember most breast calcifications are not a sign of cancer. If the biopsy results show there is an early breast cancer, a surgeon or breast care nurse will explain more about this.

May 29,  · May 29, -- There is growing evidence linking vitamin D and calcium in the diet to a reduced risk of breast cancer, but the benefits may be limited to younger women. The link appeared. Jan 30,  · Do Calcium Supplements Predispose You to Breast Cancer? Ultimately, the "calcium is good for your bones" mantra is yet another example of a good theory gone wrong, and represents how broadly deluded the mainstream medical community is about bone health and the nature of osteoporosis, and its highly fabricated twin condition "osteopenia.".

Breast calcifications are common on mammograms, and they're especially prevalent after age Although breast calcifications are usually noncancerous (benign), certain patterns of calcifications — such as tight clusters with irregular shapes and fine appearance — may indicate breast cancer or precancerous changes to breast tissue. Calcium intake through diet and supplements is not associated with benign breast calcifications. Moreover, a study of more than 60, Swedish women found that greater calcium intake did not raise the risk of breast cancer.