Tender finals study-break - breast tenderness and estrogen use


breast tenderness and estrogen use - Tender finals study-break

Mar 20,  · If the breasts are sore up front and over the nipples, it tends to suggest high estrogen, or estrogen dominance, which can indicate a lack of ovulation. Soreness on the sides and the front may indicate that ovulation occurred but that not much progesterone was produced three or four days after ovulation, and thus estrogen dominance is occurring. Estrogen is an incredible hormone, but as I explain in Beyond the Pill, too much of it or the wrong metabolites can cause all kinds of “period problems,” including breast tenderness. There are key nutrients and foods that can help support healthy estrogen metabolism so that you are not at the mercy of estrogen dominance.

Oct 12,  · The use of estrogen plus progestin therapy increases both breast cancer incidence and breast tenderness. Whether breast tenderness during estrogen plus progestin therapy is associated with breast cancer risk is bihada-josei.info by: Bloating and breast tenderness is the hallmark of Estrogen Dominance. I use these two symptoms to see whether the patient is Estrogen Dominant. Many people want to do a hormone test. I do not find a hormone test to be very helpful clinically. This is because the hormone test just measures estradiol, progesterone, estrone, or estriol.

A study published last month by Crandall found that new-onset breast tenderness was much more pronounced in women receiving the combination therapy than in those receiving estrogen alone. The association between new-onset breast tenderness and breast-density changes was also more pronounced in women receiving the combination therapy. A woman can have breast pain unrelated to the menstrual cycle; this pain typically occurs during menopause. It occurs in localized areas on the breast and typically is not a cancer symptom, but should still be discussed with one’s doctor. Women can use the condition of their breasts to determine their own progesterone levels: breasts that are estrogen dominant can feel swollen and sore. Balanced hormone .