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I got on the computer and did some research, and lo and behold, there is a direct connection between caffeine and breast tenderness. For example, in a study conducted by researchers at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina, 61 percent of women with breast pain had a reduction in breast tenderness when they cut out caffeine. For certain people, caffeine can play a role in cyclical breast pain, a type of pain associated with hormonal fluctuations and premenstrual syndrome (PMS). However, for other cases of breast pain, such as during menopause, the connection is not direct. Read on to find out if your consumption of caffeine may cause breast pain.

The fibrocystic problems in the breast due to caffeine intake worsen as caffeine intake increases. The lumps may be consistent or they may come and go in different areas of your breasts. Treatment of breast lumps that cause fibrocystic problems in your breasts can involve elimination of caffeine from your diet, notes the Georgetown University Department of Medicine. Nov 15,  · Beyond its potential impact on cancer risk, caffeine may affect breast pain. For instance, some women with fibrocystic breast tissue notice that when they avoid caffeinated products, their breast symptoms improve. This could be related to caffeine's tendency to heighten symptom awareness, which can increase pain bihada-josei.info: Pam Stephan.

Nov 28,  · Coffee, caffeine, and breast pain - a study published in The Nurse Practitioner found "caffeine restriction is an effective means of management of breast pain . Oct 08,  · Too much caffeine Your regular cup of coffee may be the cause of your breast pain. Cowher says that caffeine intake is one of the first things .