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Oct 02,  · A fibroadenoma, for example, is a pea-size lump that is often benign. Unlike most breast cancer lumps, a fibroadenoma can usually be moved around in the breast, and most often appears in teen girls and women in their early 20s. Another benign lump that some women develop is a breast cyst. Question. What causes a pea- sized lump on a woman's breast? I know that everyone is afraid of cancer, but I have no family history of that, and plus I think .

Mar 06,  · I have just found a small hard pea sized lump on the very side of my left breast, almost in the middle area of my two breasts. It is a little sore touch but wasnt at first, probably sore today from proding it yesterday. and It feels like it’s really close to a bone maybe. Jul 22,  · Thursday night I discovered a pea size lump on my right breast near my cleavage. I don't know if any of you have ever had a stray hair from your head in you bra but it kinda tickles and I reached into my bra by my cleavage and felt a lump. I thought "what the heck is that". It's quite pronounced and about the size of a pea and very hard.

hard, unmoveable, pea size lump Posted 4/10/ PM (GMT -7) I am 57, i found a hard, unmoveable, peas size lump in my right breast about a month ago. I went for a mammogran almost 2 wks ago. The clinic called and said it was neg. How can they know tha,t without a biopsy? My neice had the same type lump, they said it was neg. I have found a hard small pea sized lump deep in my breast near the bone. I'm terrified this is cancer. My doctor said that its nothing to worry about., but still sending me for a scan.