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Sep 28,  · Get Rid of Breast Infections Naturally To get rid of a breast infection naturally, drink 2 Tbsp. (I took more if I felt that I could) of apple cider vinegar in 8 oz of water every hour. You can warm the water and add honey for a more pleasant drink. Drink as much as you can tolerate each hour until the symptoms subside. Franke also endorses using warm compresses on an infected breast, and she says that massaging a breast while nursing or pumping can improve milk expression and provide added pain relief. For.

Oct 14,  · Home Remedies for Breast Infection: Castor Oil: We see castor oil show up as a source of healing in many different instances, and so it should be no surprise that it is a home remedy for a breast infection as well. Rubbing castor oil directly on the site of infection . 7 Natural Cures For Ear Infections. It is possible to help boost your body’s natural defenses to help fight off the infection. These natural remedies are good for use with medical treatments. consider expressing some of your breast milk for a natural cure for ear infections. The breast milk is full of antibodies that are completely.