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breast feeding and cognitive development - Lesbian Breast feeding 1

AIM—To examine whether duration of breast feeding has any effect on a child's cognitive or motor development in a population with favourable environmental conditions and a high prevalence of breast feeding. METHODS—In Scandinavian children, data on breast feeding were prospectively recorded during the first year of life, and neuromotor development was assessed at 1 and 5 years of bihada-josei.info by: May 01,  · Context The evidence that breastfeeding improves cognitive development is based almost entirely on observational studies and is thus prone to confounding by subtle behavioral differences in the breastfeeding mother's behavior or her interaction with the bihada-josei.info by:

Feb 22,  · Breastfeeding improves cognitive development and emotional interactions between the mother and infant. A previous meta-analysis of 20 studies that compared breastfeeding with formula-feeding reported that breastfeeding is associated with significantly improved cognitive development from infancy to adolescence (10).Cited by: 7. breastfeeding was associated with significantly higher scores for cognitive development than artificial feeding and that the developmental benefits of breastfeeding increased with duration of feeding.

The association between breast-feeding and cognitive development is consistent with that seen in several other studies [9,22,23]. The Psychomotor Index of the Bayley and the motor and perceptual-performance scales of the McCarthy measure primarily motor skills; they show a significant breast-feeding advantage only at 2 years, with marginal significance for the perceptual performance at 4 bihada-josei.info by: Breast-feeding for a longer time may have benefits for children's cognitive development, a new study bihada-josei.info: Karen Rowan.