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cc Breast Augmentation This patient had some characteristics of a mild tuberous breast condition. These included a narrowed breast base and lack of tissue inferior to the areola. This type of breast shape can be improved with breast implants alone. Because of the nature of plastic surgery and the various procedures in the discipline some of the content on this site may include nude or partially nude photos to show results from actual clients of Dr. Andrade.

Dec 03,  · Hey guys Ive had a lot of people ask for before and after photos and I dont really understand how to use the gallery so I thought I would just post it in a new topic! Its pretty obvious which ones are before lol And just to clarify its cc High profile implants under the muscle.. Textured/5(1). She underwent breast augmentation with cc silicone implants positioned under the muscle via a transaxillary approach to improve the appearance of her breasts. She is now one year post operative and very pleased with the outcome of her surgery performed by Dr. Jaime Perez at .

cc Breast Implants before & after photos by, board certified plastic surgeons. sientra-breast-implants sientra-breast-implants Dr. Edward H. Park is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Home.