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Feb 15,  · Within the context of known susceptibility genes the most controversial syndrome is hereditary non-polyposis colorectal cancer (HNPCC). In HNPCC, breast cancers do occur yet their incidence overall is no different to that of the general population yet when studied at the molecular level these tumours often display DNA microsatellite instability suggesting that they do indeed belong to Cited by: 3. ABCSG’s area of study initially concentrated on breast cancer, before focussing on colorectal cancer. The organisation is now beginning to investigate other forms of cancer. By this time, ABCSG is also conducting studies on liver metastases and pancreatic cancer.

Breast cancer first spread to the brain percent of the time. When breast cancer spreads to the colon, it usually does so as invasive lobular carcinoma. This is a type of cancer that originates. Mar 12,  · I have read some articles stating a relationship between colon and breast cancer. I wanted to know more about this because I had breast cancer 5 years ago and was recently diagnosed with stage 4 colon with mets. I was told the colon cancer may have been there for close [ ].

Jul 26,  · Why Breast Cancer Patients Should Care about Colon Cancer. The scientists mapping colon cancer genes as part of the $million-a-year Cancer Genome Atlas project are finding genetic similarities among colon, breast, and melanoma cancers. Financed by the National Cancer Institute and the National Human Genome Research Institute, Author: Phyllis Johnson. Aug 19,  · Additionally, apoptosis assay performed on these treated breast and colorectal cancer lines showed a remarkable increase in the number of apoptotic cells; with a 7 fold increase in MD-MB to an increase of several fold in colorectal cancer cell lines. However, no significant apoptotic cells were detected upon seeds extract by: