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bottom of foot tattoos - 1080p Amy Riding boots from bottom POV PREVIEW

Tattoos may be placed on the bottom of the foot. However, the tattoo application feels more intense because there is less surrounding muscle and bones and tendons are closer to the surface. According to Whole Addiction Piercing and Tattoo, a tattoo on the bottom of the foot . Some people even put foot tattoos on the bottom soles of the foot. This too, is incredibly painful. If you are someone who cannot tolerate pain well, then it’s probably a good idea to put your tattoo somewhere other than on your foot. I happen to have a high pain tolerance.

Jan 31,  · The heel or the ball of the foot is too calloused, and it will not stay. If you still choose to do it there, that is up to you, but it will not last long at all. Those parts don't just fade, they disappear completely. Again, your call. The arch of the foot is where I got mine, and there it . People should try getting a tattoo on the upper side of their feet rather than the sides or edges. The upper portion of the foot can be easily isolated. Tattoos may fade with time and rubbing effects. Using a lotion constantly helps the tattoos to retain their colors for longer.

So here's the straight truth, again: the bottom of the foot is typically considered an extremely painful place to be tattooed, but worse than that, it barely lasts. Because of the type of skin and the friction that area gets, the chances of a sole of the foot tattoo having the ink basically fall out and just end up as a few scratchy smudges is very high. Getting tattoos on the bottom of your foot is meant to be the most painful area to get tattooed on the body due to the amount of nerve sensors there. If you an with stand the pain though, than you can get incredible results like this beautiful mandala design.