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BOOBS & BLOOD are proud to announce that this year’s coveted WOMAN OF THE YEAR Award goes to actress/model CHRISTINE NGUYEN. CHRISTINE has been a firm fixture in the exploitation industry, working with prominent genre directors such as FRED OLEN RAY, JEFF LEROY, DON GLUT Continue reading CHRISTINE NGUYEN: WOMAN OF THE YEAR BOOBS & BLOOD has the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to change the festival date or location, if deemed necessary or unavoidable, to ensure a successful festival. In such a case the festival would continue as normal, just at another venue/date TBD.

Feb 24,  · Blood, Boobs and Beast tells the compelling story of Don Dohler, whose movies have been called everything from oddly brilliant to some of the worst films of all time. Despite his critics, Dohler has gotten all 9 of his sci-fi and horror films distributed internationally, as well as TV syndication for his first film, The Alien Factor.7/10(). BOOBS & BLOOD: celebrating Film Erotica, Exploitation & Psychotronica - through film festivals, premieres, cabaret, meetups, books and films! PHEW!!!Followers: K.

May 19,  · Blood, Boobs & Beast is a documentary about the film career of Baltimore independent filmmaker Don Dohler. It documents the beginning of his career in all the way to his untimely death from cancer in During that time period Dohler made 11 movies: THE ALIEN FACTOR, FIEND, NIGHBEAST, GALAXY INVADER, BLOOD MASSACRE, ALIEN .