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arm stiffness and breast cancer - Weekays blonde bdsm and breast bondage of whipped amateur

Jan 27,  · After having treatment for breast cancer, you might experience pain in your arms and shoulders, mostly on the same side of your body as the treatment. It’s also common to have stiffness, swelling. Breast cancer pain After treatment for breast cancer, it’s common to experience pain, numbness, and loss of mobility. Virtually every aspect of treatment can result in stiffness, decreased range of.

Lymphoedema (swelling) of the arm or hand, and occasionally the breast, can develop at any time after treatment for breast cancer. Surgery to remove the lymph nodes in the armpit, or radiotherapy to the nodes, can change the way that lymph fluid drains from the arm. Lymphedema can cause other symptoms such as tingling, numbness, stiffness, and weakness. Still, those problems can happen after breast cancer surgery even without lymphedema. The researchers studied more women for 18 months after breast cancer surgery. Every 3 months, the women reported any arm problems and had a physical exam to check for any movement or function problems.

A second common cause of these symptoms is a condition called “frozen shoulder,” which involves a very stiff shoulder that may or may not be painful. Not moving the arm enough after breast cancer treatment can lead to this problem. Radiation can further add to the shoulder stiffness. Arm/shoulder morbidity was assessed months after breast cancer treatment using the following clinical endpoints: arm pain, arm stiffness, swollen arm, use of arm, numbness, shoulder flexion and shoulder abduction difference, fibrosis and breast cancer-related bihada-josei.info by: