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Most epidemiologic studies have detected no association between prior use of antidepressants medications and breast cancer risk. Despite the uniform conclusion, there is a continuous rise in the proportion of women using antidepressants lending support to further monitoring of disease by: Apr 29,  · The Antidepressants – Breast Cancer Link The most popular antidepressants on the market are known as “SSRIs,” or “serotonin reuptake inhibitors.” SSRIs have been around since the ’s. During the ten-year period of , American pharmaceutical antidepressant use rose by .

Jun 16,  · In it, researcher Nancy Kreiger and her colleagues at the University of Toronto reported that women who took an older class of drugs, called tricyclic antidepressants, for . Sep 17,  · When breast cancer patients are depressed, they can find it difficult to keep taking their regular drugs, such as tamoxifen, to treat their cancer. SSRIs are commonly prescribed anti-depressants used to treat moderate to severe depression. They are considered relatively safe to use with few side effects.

Apr 22,  · Recently, researchers have found that paroxetine —the active ingredient in Paxil and Pexeva, some of the most widely prescribed SSRI antidepressants—has an estrogenic effect that likely promotes the development and growth of breast tumors in women. Oct 10,  · The overall data showed an 11 percent increased risk for breast and ovarian cancer associated with all types of antidepressants. The association between the SSRI type of antidepressants and cancer was stronger than for any other type of antidepressant. All SSRI studies but one showed an increased risk of female cancer.