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anti perspirants and breast - Omegle: The Anti-boredom Game #2

May 24,  · Anti-perspirants have been identified as the leading cause of breast cancer. Breast cancer is scary stuff. It’s the second most common type of . What is known about the ingredients in antiperspirants and deodorants? What is known about the relationship between antiperspirants or deodorants and breast cancer? Where can someone get more information on breast cancer risk? Is there a link between antiperspirants or .

Continued. Considering that one out of every eight women will develop breast cancer at some point in her lifetime, the idea that antiperspirants might somehow contribute to the disease is a pretty. Antiperspirants and Breast Cancer Risk The claims. For some time, an email rumor suggested that underarm antiperspirants cause breast its claims: Cancer-causing substances in antiperspirants are absorbed through razor nicks from underarm shaving.

(5.) The E-mail continues, "Additionally, men are less likely (but not completely exempt) to develop breast cancer prompted by anti-perspirant usage because most of the anti-perspirant product is caught in their hair and is not directly applied to the skin.". May 01,  · In this exclusive excerpt, board-certified breast cancer surgeon Dr. Kristi Funk runs down the research on anti-perspirants and breast cancer Our Sponsor.