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aluminium antiperspirants and breast cancer - Mya Nichole - does it with a cancer patient

What is known about the ingredients in antiperspirants and deodorants? What is known about the relationship between antiperspirants or deodorants and breast cancer? Where can someone get more information on breast cancer risk? Is there a link between antiperspirants or . Aluminium, antiperspirants and breast cancer. Oestrogen is a well established influence in breast cancer and its action, dependent on intracellular receptors which function as ligand-activated zinc finger transcription factors, suggests one possible point of interference from aluminium. Results reported here demonstrate that aluminium in Cited by:

Antiperspirants and Breast Cancer Risk The claims. For some time, an email rumor suggested that underarm antiperspirants cause breast its claims: Cancer-causing substances in antiperspirants are absorbed through razor nicks from underarm shaving. Continued. Antiperspirants have no proven impact on the risk of diseases like breast cancer and Alzheimer's. "Breast cancer and Alzheimer's are two complicated diseases which are difficult to.

May 01,  · Shaving before applying underarm antiperspirants can increase aluminum absorption. Could this explain the greater number of tumors and the disproportionate incidence of breast cancer in the upper outer quadrant of the breast near the armpit?/5(). Dec 18,  · By contrast, McGrath reported within a population of breast cancer patients that those who used more antiperspirant products were diagnosed with breast cancer at an earlier age. The first study is limited by the reliance on self-reported information, by the lack of a nonuser population and by the lack of consideration to historical usage.